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Tungsten and Alloy


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Approx. 32 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Single Piece Length150mm
Pieces Per Box10pcs
Product Typemetal
Quantity Per Pack10pc
Packing Typeplastic case
Melting Point3420
Surface Finishinggrounded
Hardness360~460 (HV30)
Item Number432
Shape And Forminground
Sterilization In Autoclaveyes

We are Supplier of Tungsten Electrode. Thoriated Tungsten Electrode are generally used for DC electrode negative or straight polarity applications. Thoriated Tungsten Electrode are used when arc welding with the Tungsten Inert gas (TIG) process or when plasma welding.
Selecting the correct tungsten electrode is important to getting high-quality welds and making your welding easier. Some important factors to be considered in making the right choice are type of power source (Inverter or transformer), material to be welded (steel, aluminum, or stainless steel), and the thickness of the material.
We offer the following premium quality tungsten, ground to a high quality finish. All tungsten is 7" long.
Pure Tungsten (TP) - Green Tip - Readily forms a ball on the end, and generally used with transformer-based power sources for AC welding of aluminum.
2% Thoriated Tungsten (TT2) - Red Tip - The most common tungsten currently being used, generally utilized for DC welding of steel and stainless steel and offers good overall performance. A drawback is that this tungsten has a low level radiation hazard.
2% Ceriated Tungsten (TC2) - Grey Tip - An excellent substitute for 2% Thoriated tungsten if you are using a transformer-based power source for DC welding. Popular for thinner materials because it requires less amperage to start. Offers a stable arc and can be used for both AC and DC welding with inverter power sources.
1 ½% Lanthanated Tungsten (TL15) - Gold Tip - Also a great substitute for 2% Thoriated tungsten. Offers good arc starting characteristics and longer life than 2% Thoriated. It can be used for both AC and DC welding with both inverter and transformer power sources.
2% Lanthanated Tungsten (TL2) - Blue Tip - The most commonly used, non-radioactive tungsten and also a great substitute for 2% Thoriated tungsten. It offers some of the best arc starting characteristics and longer life than 2% Thoriated, a good tungsten for pulsing or welding that requires frequent re-ignitions with a short weld cycle. Can be used for both AC and DC welding with both inverter and transformer power sources.
Quad Tungsten (Q4)-Light Green Tip, A great substitute for Thoriated Tungsten (Red Tip), that is our proprietary blend of four rare earth oxides. This tungsten works well on AC and DC processes, transformer and inverter machines. The electrode life is extended, keeps a sharpened point and non-radioactive.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 432
  • Production Capacity: 3000pcs
  • Delivery Time: 1 day
  • Packaging Details: plastic case

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Approx. 5,000 / Kg Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Kg
MaterialTungsten copper
FormPowder metallurgy
15 + densityFrom point 1 kg 200 kg

Tungsten-copper has unique material properties. A high level of temperature resistance is one of the most important advantages of tungsten, while the copper content increases the electrical and thermal conductivity.Tungsten copper (WCu) materials are used for arcing contacts in SF6 circuit breakers for high and medium voltage applications. At the heart of the switching chamber, WCu arcing contacts are exposed to extreme mechanical and thermal stresses. During arcing, the temperature can reach levels ≥ 20,000 K, for instance.
Specifications of Copper Tungsten :
Tungsten 80%-Copper 20%
Tungsten 70%-Copper 30%
Tungsten Copper alloy is an alloy composite of Tungsten and Copper which has the combination s of the excellent properties of Tungsten and Copper, such as heat resistance, aberration resistance, high density, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. It is easy to be machine.
We Supply Tungsten Copper by Press, Sinter & Infiltration method with the tungsten content ranging from 50% to 90% by weight. The balance is copper.
1. Electrical Contact materials
Electrical contacts are subjected to extreme mechanical and thermal stresses during operation. For fractions of a second, temperatures rise to several thousand degrees as a result of the arcing. Only Tungsten Copper materials will stand these high temperature & aberration.
Tungsten Copper material has good resistance to arc erosion, mechanical wear, contact welding and good conductivity. They are usually selected for oil, gas, air or vacuum, devices. The contact surfaces will oxidize when switched in air. These press-sinter-infiltrate materials should only be considered for arcing surfaces in air when used as arcing tips, arc plates and arc runners. When switching with moderate contact arcing, the Tungsten Copper with a high copper content may give the lowest erosion. As arcing severity increases, the Tungsten Copper with the higher refractory content withstand arc erosion better. Tungsten Coppers are also used as arcing edges of selector switchblades in transformer tap changers.
2. Electrodes for Spark Erosion (EDM)
Tungsten Copper electrodes are best suitable material for electrical discharge machining (EDM) applications. It has excellent wear resistance, good metal removal rate and ability to retain good detail. It is used where speed and wear resistance are most important.
3. Resistance Welding
Tungsten Coppers are used for some spot welding application of low conductivity materials, and as die inserts for flash and butt resistance welding applications.
4. Heat Sinks
Modern computer processors like the 586 series and higher, generate a heat output per square centimeter similar to that of a household cooker surface. Tungsten-copper heat sinks and the processor fan remove the heat.

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Approx. 120 / Piece Get Latest Price

In the range of our very high quality materials are also included these Ceriated Tungsten Electrode. These tungsten electrodes are one of the very efficient and functioning electrodes which are widely used and appreciated due to its high heat resistance and tolerance. We are known as one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies which are extensively engaged in the field of supplying, distributing and trading several kinds of supreme quality industrial equipments and machineries. These ceriated tungsten electrodes are available for our clients at a very economic range of prices.




  • Desirable performance
  • Excellent functionality
  • Easy installation
  • Wide application


  • Diameter: 1.0 mm-20.0 mm
  • Length: 150 mm/175 mm etc.

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Approx. 50  Get Latest Price

Owing to our stern quality administration approaches, we are energetically engrossed in the business of offering a broad assortment of Tungsten Carbide. The material used in their manufacturing procedure is of optimum quality and these products are confirmed stringently before getting provided at the end of our patrons.



  • Precise

  • Reliable

  • Durable

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Approx. 3,450 / Kg Get Latest Price

Our firm is counted amongst the significant names, offering a wide range of excellent quality Tungsten Carbide Flat. Our skilled professionals manufacture this flat using well-tested raw material and sophisticated technology. In addition to this, our offered range is rigorously tested by our quality controllers against diverse parameters in order to deliver a defect-free range at clients'''' end. Moreover, clients can avail the entire range from us in various customized options at industrial leading rates.
Enhanced durability

General Purpose Grades:
C2FC36% Co92158514.95320000FineC1FC47.5% Co91146014.7330000Fine
Metal Forming and Wear Grades:C10FC109% Co90136014.6360000MediumC11FC1112% Co89.5131514.3390000MediumC12FC1215% Co88119014420000MediumC13FC1320% Co8595513.6450000MediumC14FC2525% Co83.276013.15435000Medium
Submicron Grades:C3FC3M6% Co93174014.95375000SubmicronC2FC10M10% Co91.9157014.5450000SubmicronC1FC12M15% Co89.5131514530000Submicron
Corrosion Resistant Grades:FC3N6% Ni91146014.95275000FineFC10N9% Ni89.5131514.6290000FineFC8N8.5% Ni91.5151514.5300000Fine

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Approx. 40 / Piece Get Latest Price

What's unusual about tungsten are the kinds of exotic alloys used to influence its performance in TIG welding. In order to distinguish one from another, a color code has been developed. Here are the most common choices, their colors, AWS and ISO numbers, and what they're used for:

Pure Tungsten - EWP -- Used primarily for AC welding of aluminum and magnesium at low currents. The tip of the tungsten is balled before using. (ISO = W)

Lanthanated 1.5% - EWla-1.5 --General purpose electrode used for steel and stainless steel at a wide range of current. Often used as a cheaper, safer substitute for thoriated tungsten. (ISO = WL15)

Ceriated 2% - EWTh-2 -- Can achieve high currents with good arc stability. Another substitute for thoriated tungsten. (ISO = WC20)

Thoriated 2% - EWTh-2 -- An expensive and radioactive metal. Use care in grinding (i.e. wear a dust mask), keep your skin covered and avoid contact with the metal when it's heated. (ISO = WT20)

Zirconiated 2% - EWZr-2 -- Another option for AC welding, zirconium is preferred in situations where resistence to contamination is paramount. The tip of the tungsten is balled before using. (ISO = WZ3)

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece

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Approx. 3,000 / Kilogram Get Latest Price

With our enormous proficiency & expertise of this domain, we are dynamically indulged in providing a spectacular collection of Tungsten Carbide Powder. Developed using ultimate grade inputs in agreement with the guidelines and quality standards pre-set by the market; these are highly acknowledged.



  • Precise composition

  • Longer shelf life

  • Fine packing

Tungsten Carbide Powder: 0.5µ - 50.0µ

All powder is commercially uniform in purity. The Chemical and Physical Analyses are determined for each production lot of powder by using commercially accepted methods. The results of all relevant tests are reported to the customer on a Certificate of Analysis.

General Information:

ATI Alldyne Tungsten Carbide is manufactured by controlled carburization of Hydrogen-reduced Tungsten powder. Exacting quality control, large uniform batches, high purity, and particle size uniformity enhance its desirability by manufacturers of Cemented Tungsten Carbide.


50 kg/100 lb packed in a polyethylene bag within a 3 ½ - gallon plastic pail, or 250 kg/500 lb packed in a polyethylene bag within a 17-gallon drum, or as requested by the customer.

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Approx. 5,000 / Piece Get Latest Price

We manufacturer of drawing dies with tungsten carbide blanks inside as a cost effective solution for a wide variety of wire processing applications. Carbide dies are frequently and successfully used in wire drawing (round & shaped), bunching, stranding, guiding, and split die applications.

Typically tungsten carbide dies are used for manufacturing wire or rod, generally in highly abrasive and high carbon material areas where PCD dies are not cost effective. It is often used in short run applications where trials, testing or small lots are desired.

Tungsten Carbide dies can be made in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 0.127 - 76.2 mm (.005 - 3.000”) or larger upon request.

Like all products from Esteves Group you can expect these products to be manufactured with the highest quality and accuracy standards.

Tungsten carbide, abbreviated as WC or TC, also called cemented carbide, hardmetal or widia, is a metal matrix composite where tungsten carbide particles are the aggregate and metallic cobalt serves as the matrix. It is a non-oxidizing ceramic that can withstand high temperatures while maintaining a hardness comparable to corundum or sapphire.


Key benefits of our tungsten carbide dies

• Sizes are available up to 76 mm rod (3.0")
• Cost effective
• Even and round wear during usage
• Blanks are thermally stable up to 2870°C (5198 °F)



Tungsten carbide has been a base material for drawing dies for over 100 years and continues to be a viable option for many applications. These were, next to natural diamond dies, the first types of drawing dies manufactured by Esteves Group. Tungsten Carbide and Natural Diamond were the only materials for many decades. It wasn’t until the invention ofSSCD and PCD in recent years that the exclusive use of natural diamond and tungsten carbide was reduced.

Tungsten carbide dies are successfully used for applications that require high heat and shock resistance or when short runs are desired. The affordable cost of Tungsten Carbide makes this possible. Due to the relative ease of machinability and cost effectiveness; Tungsten Carbide is also the preferred material of choice for most shaped wire drawing dies.

Typical application areas:
• Steel wire
• Stainless steel wire
• Copper wire
• Aluminum wire
• Tungsten wire
• Various other ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire types


Product use

Tungsten carbide can be chosen as a raw material for the following products from Esteves Group:
• Wire drawing dies
• Shaped wire drawing dies
• Split dies
• Bunching/Stranding dies
• Extrusion tools
• Compacting dies
• Refurbishing/recutting drawing dies


Size range

Tungsten carbide wire dies (TC dies) are part of Esteves Group’s diamond wire dies product portfolio. Typical ranges (both smaller and larger sizes are available on request):

• 0.005 to 2.00 mm (.00019 - .0787”) - natural diamond wire dies (ND dies)
• 0.010 to 2.05 mm (.00039 - .0807”) - synthetic single crystal diamond wire dies (SSCD dies)
• 0.040 to 35.0 mm (.00157 - 1.378”) - polycrystalline diamond wire dies (PCD dies)
• 0.127 to 76.2 mm (.005 - 3.000”) - tungsten carbide wire dies (T/C dies)


Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

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